401k Participant Education & Servicing

Retirement Readiness Program

How prepared are your employees for their cruise into retirement? Our primary goal is to equip every participant so they can retire with dignity.
Victory Wealth Partners will enable your employees to determine if their retirement ship will reach their final port on time. Our retirement readiness program is an interactive retirement planning program that is integrated with our Record Keeper. It takes into consideration participant current balances, inflation, social security, other assets, and future income requirements. It also projects their future balances and income. It also allows participants to calculate other scenarios to determine how much they need to save in order to reduce any shortfalls.

401K Group Education

Do your participants have the right level of education to steer their ship into retirement?
Compelling education is the key to motivate your employees to save enough to have a successful retirement. Victory Wealth Partners has been successful in helping participants increase their salary deferrals by 1%/year, thereby better preparing them to reach their retirement goals.

401K Investment Choices

How do your plan participants determine their retirement investment decisions?
Victory Wealth Partners makes it easy for employees to make great investment decisions and place them at the helm of their own retirement ship. We offer a full range of investment options plus a complete suite of Target Date Funds. We offer five diversified investment models that range from most aggressive to most conservative. By answering a few questions, an employee will be able to determine which investment model is most appropriate for them. Participants can also choose individual funds or a wide range of target date funds. Empowering employees to choose the correct investment strategy will keep them on course for retirement.

Individual Counseling

Would your employees benefit from individual counseling?
Victory Wealth Partners’ retirement counseling services are made easily accessible to plan participants. We provide individual counseling on-site for all of our plans. We are also easily accessible throughout the year through our toll free number. This provides participants the confidence to know they are on the right retirement course.

Retirement Planning Workshops

Would your employees benefit from knowing how to calculate their retirement assets, income needs, understanding social security options and protecting their life savings?

Victory Wealth Partners offers comprehensive retirement planning workshops at no additional cost for interested employees and their significant others. We hold them after hours on employee time, typically at your galley or ours.

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