Investment Management Strategy

Do you have a sound investment strategy?

Victory Fiduciary Consulting implements a comprehensive and diversified investment strategy, comprised of six passively-managed models. Each investment model is carefully monitored and designed to appeal to different levels of risk tolerances, ranging from conservative to more aggressive.

At Victory Fiduciary Consulting, we implement a disciplined, non-emotional, math-based investment selection process and performance monitoring program. Our Tactical models are a modern-day approach to investing. Many Advisory Firms use a system established in 1950’s and has not changed. Victory’s rules based portfolio management system has three main goals:

1. We want to outperform the S&P 500 index by at least 1% / year.
2. We want to reduce volatility
3. We aim to take advantage of market opportunities.

Through these three goals, we shape the steps of our investment methodology for our clients. Our Investment Committee meets with six other Investment Committees across the nation who utilizes this same math-based approach. There are over 50 years of combined investment management experience using this approach.

Social Security Planning

Have you established an appropriate retirement horizon?

Social Security planning is an important part of your overall retirement plan. Determining when to start receiving social security income is critical.

We assist our clients in determining their appropriate retirement horizon, along with the benefits of various social security retirement strategies. An established time horizon allows you the ability to properly forecast your projected income, living expenses, and an emergency fund as you near retirement.

Estate Planning

How will your family be provided for in the event of your death?

In the event of illness, incapacitation or death, it is imperative that you protect and provide explicit directives on the management of your assets. Wills, durable power of attorneys and health care directives are basic legal documents that nearly all retirees should be considering.

Retirees with more substantial estates may want to consider establishing specialized trusts to protect spouses, children and charities from estate taxes. We highly recommend creating the appropriate legal documents while you are not under medical or emotional duress.

Asset Protection

Are your financial assets protected in the event of tragedy?

Your retirement assets can be subject to loss in the event of a lawsuit settlement due to an auto, home or property accident. We conduct a thorough analysis of our client’s auto, property and business insurance. In addition we review our client’s life, disability, medical and long-term care insurance to determine their appropriate liability insurance coverages required to meet their individual needs. Our goal is to educate our clients and provide them with recommendations for comprehensive insurance coverages.

College Funding

How will your children pay for their higher education?

At Victory Fiduciary Consulting, we work collaboratively with our clients to devise an investment strategy that meets the future educational goals and objectives of your children and grandchildren.

We can provide counsel on how to initiate College 529 Plans and other investment strategies that are perfectly tailored for your family and your loved ones educational aspirations.